foundation Distress in a Denver COlorado SUBDIVISON

Following complaints by homeowners of cracking and foundation movement, the home builder engaged Bryant Consultants to perform a geotechnical investigation and evaluate the distress of 70 single-family homes. As part of its investigation and analysis, Bryant Consultants:

  • conducted a site investigation that included of 25 geotechnical borings, electrical resistivity scans, and seismic testing,
  • performed tests in our in-house soils laboratory on the soil samples obtained from the site,
  • estimated the amount of potential additional movement in the foundations by using software to investigate water migration in the soils and finite element analysis to evaluate the depth of the active zone, and
  • evaluated claims regarding excessive earth pressure on the basement walls of the houses.

In addition to opining on the extent of future movement in the houses and the cause of the movement, Bryant Consultants provided repair recommendations for the 70 houses.

Distress Including Cracking and Foundation Movement in a Neighborhood of 70 Single-Family Homes in North Denver, CO