Dr. John Bryant founded Bryant Consultants, Inc. over 25 years ago with the idea that to reliably solve complex problems resulting from earth and built environment interactions, engineers needed more than just their own expertise. They also needed collaboration with other disciplines, creativity, and a willingness to think beyond standard practices.

These founding principles continue to guide Bryant today and are one in the same with our company culture. To this day, we continue to invest heavily in research and development, incentivizing creativity and empowering our people to take risks. This has made Bryant one of the nation’s leading innovators, holding more than a dozen geoscience-related patents.


Our culture is built around continuous learning. Bryant maintains an in-house library of technical resources for the sharing of expertise. Our culture fosters an environment of open communication, exposure to diverse experiences, and robust mentoring systems. We value formal education and offer tuition reimbursement to every single one of our people, and we have a long history of promotion from within. Our open-door policy has built a close-knit culture.


Bryant is a team endeavor. We believe in supporting our team in all aspects of their lives with robust benefits for the whole person, such as EAP and Designed Wellness programs, comprehensive wellness, and work-life balance. We have a bureaucracy-free culture of complete transparency of salaries and revenue, a culture of trust, collaboration, responsibility, empowerment of the right people, and opportunity at every level.