Our team has decades of experience investigating insurance claims, with deep forensic experience in determining cause and origin through failure analysis, full laboratory services, and visual reconstructions. Insurance companies trust our team to investigate claims quickly and comprehensively across the country, as well as provide litigation support and expert testimony. From storm damage, to landslides, and foundation or drainage issues, our team of engineers, scientists, and architects are here to help you take your next steps quickly and with confidence.

We deliver solutions for:

Origin + Cause Determination

Storm Event, Wind, + Flooding Investigations

Landslide, Retaining Wall, + Slope Failure Evaluations

Earthquake Damage Evaluations

Explosion Damage Evaluations

Moisture Source + Plumbing Leak Investigations

Evaluation of Useful, Remaining Life of Structures

Construction Vibration Evaluations

Litigation Support + Expert Witness Services