Bryant was engaged to analyze soil-structure interaction and determine the cause(s) of distress at an Elementary School in Corpus Christi, TX. The primary objectives of this project were to identify the root causes of the structural distress observed and evaluate expert claims related to the situation.

In 2018, Bryant initiated the project. This initial phase encompassed a comprehensive site inspection and a relative elevation survey. Based on our findings, BCI formed the professional judgment that the distress was most likely attributed to global movements within the foundation system, rather than deficiencies in grade beam construction. Consequently, our recommendation was to proceed with a geotechnical/geophysical investigation to conclusively determine the underlying cause of the observed movements and distress.

In 2020, Bryant executed an additional investigation. This comprehensive investigation included:

  • A meticulous relative elevation survey.
  • Detailed photo documentation of the distress (see Appendix A).
  • A thorough geotechnical/geophysical subsurface investigation, featuring five geotechnical borings and seven Direct Current Resistivity Method / Electrical Resistivity Tomography / Geo-electrical Moisture Material Imaging Resistivity profiles.
  • An assessment of subsurface geotechnical and geophysical conditions in relation to the foundation.
  • A comprehensive review and analysis of relevant documents and reports.
  • An in-depth analysis of the causative factors behind the observed distress and foundation movements.

As a result of our extensive investigation, analysis, engineering expertise, and professional judgment, Bryant was able to determine the primary and secondary causes of the distress and offer proper recommendations.