Bryant was tasked with assessing the sub-surface conditions of the retaining wall at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. Our investigation involved the use of Piezometers and Inclinometers to gather crucial data.

To monitor groundwater levels and water seepage, we strategically installed Piezometers at the base and top of the retaining wall, near the borings. This allowed us to track changes over time and assess any potential issues. Additionally, we employed inclinometers to measure movement and determine if there were any ongoing slope movements.

Our main objective was to provide a comprehensive analysis of soil movements over time, enabling us to identify any deformation trends and establish correlations with observed signs of distress.

By employing Piezometers and Inclinometers, Bryant ensured a thorough evaluation of the retaining wall’s sub-surface conditions. Our findings and analysis will contribute to a better understanding of the situation and inform future decisions and remedial measures.