Excessive Cracking ON SCHOOL Tennis Courts IN DALLAS, TX

Bryant conducted a thorough investigation into the excessive cracking observed at the Eagle Pass ISD Tennis Courts, Eagle Pass Junior High School, and Eagle Pass ISD Student Activity Center in Eagle Pass, Texas. Our primary objective was to identify the root cause of the distress and assess the potential contributions from various parties involved.

Our comprehensive investigation included precise crack mapping and meticulous relative elevation surveys. Additionally, we conducted an exhaustive review of all available documents and performed a rigorous analysis to pinpoint the underlying cause(s) of the observed distress at the tennis courts.

Based on our comprehensive investigation, we concluded that excessive cracking was due to the inadequate design of foundation of the tennis courts. More specifically, the foundation design failed to account for the interior tendon anchors and failed to accommodate anticipated slab shortening.

Ultimately, we prepared an expert report explaining why our client bore no responsibility for the tennis court cracking.