Our Leadership

Dr. John Bryant, Ph.D., P.G., P.E., CPG, D.GE, M.ASCE, F.PTI

Founder & CEO

Dr. John Bryant is the principal in charge of all engineering operations including forensic, geotechnical, geo-structural, and geophysical modeling and testing. Dr. Bryant coordinates the operations of the company with other affiliated technical experts when required. He has provided expert witness testimony in over 300 arbitrations and court cases over the past 25 years. Dr. Bryant’s expertise includes soil-structure interaction, geophysics, and hydrological modeling. Noteworthy projects include Millennium Tower, State Highway 130, and Allen Eagle Stadium.

Dr. Jeff Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

President and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Fitzgerald is an experienced strategic advisor and business operations leader with a diverse background in research, teaching, consulting, and business management. Dr. Fitzgerald’s 35-year career includes oil and gas exploration, ecological resource management, environmental engineering, remote sensing and geophysical investigation, geologic and geotechnical services, facility and infrastructure asset management, business and finance advisory services, and operations. As President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Fitzgerald directs the business of Bryant’s forensic and risk analysis engineering and architecture lines of business.

Hayden Fischer, M.S., P.E., P.G.

Chief Technical Officer

Hayden Fischer has been with Bryant for over six years and has more than eight years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering. His background is in hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering, and he has served as a lead expert in numerous cases in these fields. Mr. Fischer’s expertise also includes electrical resistivity profiling, ground-penetrating radar, groundwater monitoring and sampling, geospatial analysis and remote sensing, slope stability, expansive/collapsing soils, and automated remote monitoring. He is proficient in EVS, GIS applications, MODFLOW, HYDRUS, and various programming languages including R, Python, and C++.

Austin Muck

General Counsel, Chief Business Officer

Prior to joining Bryant, Austin Muck practiced law for seven years at Bracewell LLP, where he represented businesses in a variety of commercial disputes and worked with numerous expert witnesses. Before practicing law, he earned a degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University and worked at an engineering firm. As Bryant’s General Counsel and Chief Business Officer, Mr. Muck handles legal matters, oversees forensic engineering and forensic architecture projects, and identifies and pursues areas of strategic growth.

Dr. M. Kabir Hossain, Ph.D., P.E., CEng., CMar.Eng.

Director of Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Hossain has over 25 years of wide-ranging geotechnical consulting experience in offshore oil and gas and onshore, including forensic geotechnical failure analysis of soil-structure interactions of complex foundations. Dr. Hossain’s expertise in applied geotechnics covers the full spectrum of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, from classical to novel concepts.  He maintains extensive numerical modeling and analysis experience of soil-structure interactions using PLAXIS,  ABAQUS, ANSYS, SLOPE/W etc. Dr. Hossain has served as a subject matter expert in geotechnics, including design and analysis of shallow and deep foundations, slope stability, soil deformation, soil-structure interactions, soil properties interpretation, and site characterization and reporting. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications (most recent in 2020), and he has worked in academia as an adjunct professor teaching undergraduate geotechnical and foundation courses. Dr. Hossain is a Charted Civil Engineer (UK) and a licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

Dr. Yasser M. Abdelhamid, Ph.D., P.E., M. ASCE

Manager of Forensic Engineering

Dr. Abdelhamid performs work on a wide range of geotechnical and geophysical forensic projects, from single family homes to whole subdivisions and commercial buildings, stability analysis for various earth slopes and retaining and sheet pile walls, as well as forensic analysis of a wide range of pavement projects, including highways. Among Dr. Abdelhamid’s specialties are the evaluation of soil-structure interaction, including pavements, foundation analysis and design, retaining wall design and analysis, slope stability, and soil dynamics. His expertise encompasses expansive soil behavior, geotechnical engineering and design, numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction and geo-structural elements, construction materials evaluation and analysis, and geotechnical laboratory testing. Dr. Abdelhamid has authored and co-authored numerous publications. His research includes a comprehensive parametric study on laterally loaded single piles using a finite element package ANSYS as well as LPILE and a transient fully-coupled numerical pore-scale model utilized to study soil-fluid interaction problems such as surface erosion, fine particles migration, and liquefaction. Dr. Abdelhamid also works in academia as an adjunct professor teaching Soil Mechanics and Foundation courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Amr Helal, Ph.D., P.E.

Professional Engineer

Dr. Helal has nearly twelve years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering. He is adept in numerical analysis, using PLAXIS 2D, 3D, Slope/w, Apile, Lpile, Slide, Settle3D, MSEW, and GRLWEAP.  Dr. Helal performs geotechnical lab and field testing, prepares proposals and geotechnical reports, and tackles complex forensic geotechnical problems, working on multi-disciplinary projects and managing teams with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, such as structural engineering, architecture, and hydrology. As a part of his Ph.D., Dr. Helal performed numerical analysis (PLAXIS 2D) to study the effect of storm cycles on the performance of embankment structures, such as dams and levees, using probabilistic approaches and neural networks to develop a user-friendly tool that helps decision makers allocate rehabilitation budgets based on risk. He has worked on several geotechnical projects funded by agencies such as ALDOT, NC DOT, and The Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Jeong Yeon Cheon, Ph.D., P.E.


Dr. Cheon has over 14 years of industry experience in geotechnical engineering. She has hands on experience in various stages of construction, including early-stage survey planning, site investigation, detailed design and construction support. Dr. Cheon’s geotechnical specialties cover shallow and deep foundations, pipe-soil interactions, slope stability, integrated geological-geotechnical study, and probabilistic geotechnical engineering. She has numerous professional publications in addition to industry experience.

Steve Egly

Director of Insurance Services

Mr. Egly has thirteen years’ experience in estimating cost of repair for damaged property for first party and third-party claims, as well as reported theft, fraud, and arson losses as required to state and industry agencies.  He has extensive experience with multi-state claims handling including ISO and Texas based policies of insurance and spent four years in regional management level positions over staff and independent adjusters, performing case reviews, quality assurance and monitoring, coaching/training sessions, and evaluating personnel, in addition to insurance specialization in national catastrophe and/or foundation claims handling. Mr. Egly assists Professional Engineers in the evaluation and preparation of residential soil-structure interaction assessments and serves as Bryant’s liaison/contact with insurance company personnel for investigation requests, status of projects, and overall quality control.