Combining years of Hollywood experience with the most up-to-date scientific, architectural and engineering technology, our team of movie industry veterans and professional engineers, scientists and architects create stunning, scientifically accurate technical animations for a multitude of applications. By using the engineering and scientific tools and technologies available to us, including geographic information systems (GIS), LiDAR and drone footage, geophysics, and geotechnical and civil engineering, we can virtually recreate real-world above grade and subterranean structures, locations and environments with precision.


In the construction planning phase for a client, technical animations allow “what-if” scenarios for below-grade and above-grade construction. As a result, clients may optimize their construction means and methods.  Technical animations help mitigate the occurrence of costly hazards and site anomaly issues that might arise during construction. They also give an accurate representation of the project’s overall appearance. We provide virtual, visual timelines for reference, from outlining the time and location for materials to arrive and be stored, to illustrating the most effective chronology for the project’s build. This eliminates much of the guesswork on site, maximizing the project’s efficiency.


Technical animations provide accurate, realistic and efficient models of the most salient aspects of a project’s design and construction.  After a project’s completion, we use animations to present factual data to explain causal mechanisms, causal theories, and help to resolve disputes amongst various parties.  Similarly, these types of analyses are often crucial in insurance coverage determinations.  Technical animations may also show critical points in the analysis of actual liability, allowing dispute resolutions to be achieved more efficiently.


Animation Examples

Freeway Construction Vibrations
Gas Line Explosion
Earthen Dam Erosion